Sebapharma donates 20,000 euros for medical supplies

Hospitals are constantly facing new challenges on account of the coronavirus pandemic. In particular, the provision of adequate intensive care is more important than ever. Given that a COVID-19 infection can lead to many serious forms of illness, community clinic Gemeinschaftsklinikum Mittelrhein, Heilig Geist currently needs more and more medical supplies, such as ventilation helmets, single-use bronchoscopes for better diagnostics in the case of serious lung disease and materials required for prone positioning of patients. By donating €20,000, Sebapharma GmbH & Co. KG, the pioneer in medical skin cleansing and care with the sebamed brand, is helping the clinic to procure the additional medical supplies needed. “As a family business based in Boppard, we have gladly provided regular support to the Gemeinschaftsklinikum Mittelrhein, Heilig Geist for over ten years”, said Thomas Maurer, Chief Executive Officer of Sebapharma GmbH & Co. KG. “Our latest donation should help the clinic to provide the best possible treatment to COVID-19 patients in intensive care. Thanks to our help, clinic management can now move quickly to procure important medical supplies, without having to deal with red tape or incur an additional financial burden”, explained Thomas Maurer. From 2010 to 2020, the Boppard-based family business donated a high six-figure amount to Gemeinschaftsklinikum Mittelrhein for the purchase of special medical equipment and upgrades to specialist departments, such as cardiology, internal medicine and intensive care.


The doctors, nurses, carers and support staff at the Heilig Geist clinic in Boppard were also pleased to receive more than 200 sebamed “CARE packages”, containing everything they need for gentle medical hand cleaning and care. With a pH value of 5.5, the sebamed Soap-Free Cleansing Bar, sebamed Hand Wash Gel Active and sebamed Hand Cream are helping to protect the stressed skin of medical staff. The “CARE packages” were presented to Jörg Geenen, Commercial Director of the Heilig Geist (Boppard) and Paulinenstift (Nastätten) medical facilities. “We are happy to provide the sebamed care packages as a way of expressing our gratitude to clinic staff for their special work around the clock for sick patients”, said Thomas Maurer.