The new Hand Wash Gel active from sebamed Mild cleansing and gentle protection from bacteria.

More than anything, hands are our primary business card. Beautiful, well-manicured hands represent the ideal, but the importance of proper cleansing cannot be ignored as everyday many objects and surfaces are covered in bacteria and dirt. The World Health Organisation is using the “Day of Hand Hygiene” campaign, which has taken place on the 5th of May every year since 2008, to raise awareness of how infections can be prevented by better hygiene when washing hands.

sebamed Hand Wash Gel active will be available from July 2014 and turns daily hand hygiene into a refreshing care experience. To do this, the new sebamed Hand Wash Gel active with a pH value of 5.5 combines gentle cleansing, protection from bacteria and sensitive care. Medical skin care perfectly suited to the specific needs of sensitive and stressed hands - all without dyes and PEG compounds.

Triple-action pH value 5.5 wash gel:
Care, protection and cleansing.
The unique sebamed Hand Wash Gel active formulation combines three effective complexes: the gentle care formula, consisting of panthenol, allantoin and lime extract provides sufficient moisture and prevents the skin from drying out. At the same time, the active formula with the chamomile's active ingredient bisabolol helps to soothe the sensitive, irritated skin of stressed hands. This naturally-occurring antibacterial active ingredient gently cleanses the hands. The 5.5 pH value supports the natural protective acid mantle and makes the hands more resilient to the wear and tear of everyday life. Dermatologically tested for supple, delicate hands!

sebamed – science for healthy skin.