55 years of soap-free skin cleansing with pH 5.5

The sebamed Cleansing Bar has been protecting skin since 1967.

What started in 1967 with the first Soap-Free Cleansing Bar with pH 5.5 has developed into a global success story: When Dr. med. Heinz Maurer, after many years of searching for a gentle skin cleansing product, finally turned his idea into reality 55 years ago, the sebamed Cleansing Bar went into production. It has been reliably and gently cleansing skin ever since, because it is soap-free and its pH of 5.5 is adapted to the natural balance of the skin. This maintains the natural skin barrier and promotes its protective function, as numerous scientific studies have confirmed.


This allowed Dr. med. Heinz Maurer to build the brand that is still the same today, making sebamed the expert for medicinal skin cleansing and care: A complete skin cleansing and care range was developed based on the sebamed Cleansing Bar. It now comprises more than 100 different products, is being continuously expanded and is available in over 100 countries. The focus remains on mild skin cleansing and care with a pH of 5.5.


Gentle on the skin 
The classic product sebamed Cleansing Bar is still popular in its original rectangular, compact shape from 1967 and offers gentle cleansing and optimum protection for the skin – even with frequent use. Conventional soaps, on the other hand, stress the skin and can irritate the natural skin barrier with frequent hand washing. The soap-free cleansing formula of the cleansing bar from sebamed, on the other hand, cares for sensitive skin already during washing and supports the moisture balance. A particularly gentle cleansing agent on the basis of natural amino acids in combination with natural polyfructosan and vitamin E as well as smoothing panthenol leave the skin clean and fresh as well as comfortably smooth. And yet it offers the same cleansing power as soap, i.e. bacteria or viruses are washed away just as reliably as with traditional soap. With a pH of 5.5, the sebamed Cleansing Bar additionally supports the natural skin barrier and promotes its protective function against dryness and irritation. 


Additional bonus of the classic sebamed product: The packaging materials are selected with strict criteria for environmental compatibility, material reduction and recycling aspects. Packaged in cardboard boxes from sustainable forestry, the Cleansing Bar uses no plastic at all. As all sebamed products, it is free of microplastics, mineral oils and parabens. It is also long lasting and has a very high yield.


The secret of sebamed: Protecting skin for over 50 years sebamed skin research has known for over 50 years what many dermatologists confirm: The pH of 5.5 supports the skin’s own protective functions against dryness and irritation. Over 400 dermatological-clinical studies confirm the effectiveness and skin tolerance of the sebamed products with pH 5.5.