The medicinal face wash and skin-care products that actively combat the causes and symptoms of rosacea in four ways.

Boppard/Cologne, January 2021. Constant or intermittent redness in the face is unpleasant. Very few people are aware that this may be a sign of rosacea, a chronic inflammatory skin condition that can be aggravated by various factors, such as heat, coldness, UV radiation, spicy food, coffee or alcohol. Rosacea has several classifications: early stage plus several subtypes (I-IV). A disruption to the movement processes in the blood vessels is one cause of rosacea. The blood flow increases under the skin, which then becomes visible on the skin surface in form of redness (early stage) and dilated blood vessels (subtype I). Burning and stinging sensations are typical symptoms of rosacea. When these symptoms occur, a specialised skin-care treatment adapted to the skin’s needs is required.


The new ANTI-REDNESS facial skin-care range from sebamed, the expert in medicinal skin-care and skin-cleansing products, is highly suitable for very sensitive, redness-prone skin and for rosacea (early stage and subtype I). The three sebamed products, Gentle Cleansing Foam, Light Day Care and Regenerating Intensive Care, have been clinically and dermatologically tested for skin tolerance in rosacea patients. They strengthen the skin barrier against external irritants with a pH value of 5.5 and contain an innovative anti-redness complex. sebamed ANTI-REDNESS will be available from March 2021.


Specialised cleansing and care for rosacea with a pH value of 5.5


sebamed ANTI-REDNESS actively combats the causes of rosacea (early stage and subtype I) in four ways:

- As an anti-inflammatory product with Physalis pubescens and an innovative anti-redness complex 
- By strengthening the skin barrier with a pH value of 5.5 
- By offering UV protection with SPF 20 
- By strengthening the blood vessels with Centella asiatica


sebamed ANTI-REDNESS also actively combats the symptoms of rosacea (early stage and subtype I) in four ways:

- With a cooling effect 
- By reducing and preventing redness 
- With a soothing effect on the skin 
- By immediately giving the skin a pleasant feel 


The ingredients in sebamed ANTI-REDNESS products have been selected based on the latest skin-care research. 4-t-Butylcyclohexanol, the key active ingredient in this product range, soothes redness and has a calming and cooling effect on the skin. The formulas for the Light Day Care and Regenerating Intensive Care products also contain herbal agents such as Centella asiatica and Physalic pubescens and nourishing ingredients such as Allantoin and vitamin E.


sebamed ANTI-REDNESS Gentle Cleansing Foam very gently cleanses the irritated facial skin, while its cooling and refreshing properties have an instantly calming effect. Existing redness and skin irritations will be soothed. The foam maintains the skin’s moisture balance. It allows gentle, perfume- and soap-free cleaning without skin-straining rubbing and removes make-up gently and thoroughly. The product is also suitable for the eye area.


sebamed ANTI-REDNESS Light Day Care alleviates existing facial redness with a lasting effect and has an instant calming and soothing effect on the skin. The mild care formula helps to prevent the development of redness, and the Physalis pubescens extract has anti-inflammatory effects. In addition, the extract of Centella asiatica (tiger grass) promotes skin regeneration and alleviates irritations. Collagen synthesis is also stimulated, which strengthens the blood vessels. SPF 20 protects the sensitive skin against sun-induced skin changes. The perfume-free, green care formula hydrates the skin (24hr effect).


sebamed ANTI-REDNESS Regenerating Intensive Care strengthens the resilience of the skin. The feeling of heat on the skin is reduced. The Regenerating Intensive Care product also prevents redness from occurring: In addition to the blood vessel-strengthening and soothing effects of the herbal extracts, ursolic acid also helps to calm and regenerate the overly irritated facial skin. sebamed ANTI-REDNESS Regenerating Intensive Care can be used several times a day for increased skin-care needs. The light, perfume-free cream is quickly absorbed and provides intensive moisture.


All sebamed ANTI-REDNESS products come with a pump dispenser for ultra-hygienic product dosage. Just like all other sebamed products, the sebamed ANTI-REDNESS range does not contain any microplastics, liquid plastics, mineral oils or parabens.