NEW: sebamed deodorants offer up to 48 hours protection

The classic sebamed products feature an updated design and a new formulation for more odour protection.

Stay fresh for longer with sebamed deodorants – thanks to the innovative formulation. Ready for spring, the classic products feature a new packaging design and a more effective formulation. sebamed stands out with clear, timeless shapes and modern colours. At the same time, the deodorants remain true to the high quality requirements for healthy skin: no aluminium salts, gentle on the skin, pH 5.5 and long-lasting protection. The deodorants also prevent annoying white residue on clothing.


Roll-ons: unique glass bottle, new formulation and new design

The new glass bottle of the roll-ons features a clear and elegant design: unique and timeless, just like the popular classic products. The bottle is more round and compact than before and therefore even easier to hold. An elegant wave is integrated into the white cap. The modern packaging design has a clear structure and the brighter colours stand out even better. The formulation is also new, as sebamed research has developed an effective mixture of ingredients for the roll-ons that guarantees up to 48 hours protection against body odour! The deodorants also contain sustainably sourced Bisabolol. Bisabolol, an ingredient known from chamomile, is known for its soothing effect. The pH of 5.5 supports the skin’s own protective functions.


The roll-on range comprises six products. The trio of sebamed Fresh Deodorant Fresh Roll-On, sebamed Fresh Deodorant Active Roll-On and sebamed Fresh Deodorant Lemongrass Roll-On have a fresh scent and leave the underarm skin feeling refreshed. The trio of sebamed Balsam Deodorant Sensitive Roll-On, sebamed Balsam Deodorant Perfume-Free Roll-On and sebamed Deodorant Sensitive FOR MEN Roll-On without alcohol are suitable for particularly sensitive skin. The Balsam Deodorant Sensitive Roll-On leaves a subtle, but pleasant scent on the skin. The sebamed Balsam Deodorant Perfume-Free Roll-On is an unscented version without any fragrances. The sebamed Deodorant Sensitive FOR MEN Roll-On is adapted to the requirements of men and offers long-lasting protection against body odour.


Pump sprays: modern packaging design and new formulation

The new, modern design on the glass bottles of the two pump sprays is immediately apparent. Blue underlines the sporty fragrance of the sebamed Fresh Deodorant Fresh Spray. Green is for active: This highlights the slightly more distinctive scent of the sebamed Fresh Deodorant Active Spray. The new “48h” symbol is elegantly integrated into the colour wave, making the long-lasting effect immediately visible. Just as in the roll-ons, the innovative formulation of the pump spray offers a feeling of freshness for up to 48 hours. The deodorants contain sustainably sourced Bisabolol, which is produced in an environmentally friendly process. Bisabolol, an ingredient known from chamomile, is known for its soothing effect. With a pH of 5.5, the deodorants support the skin’s natural barrier function.


Aerosols: design relaunch for the Fresh Deodorant Fresh and Balsam Deodorant Sensitive

A new look for the two aerosols sebamed Fresh Deodorant Fresh and sebamed Balsam Deodorant Sensitive: The packaging design is a real eyecatcher and captivates with more colour! Blue stands for the sebamed Fresh Deodorant Fresh, while the sebamed Balsam Deodorant Sensitive presents itself in delicate shades of orange. The ingredients focus on the proven quality for protecting sensitive skin: The formulation with aloe vera soothes the skin and moisturises. Both aerosols contain no alcohol.


All www.sebamed.deodorants are free from aluminium salts as well as from microplastics, mineral oils and parabens.