1950 - 1953 The junior doctor
  works at the University of Bonn’s internal, dermatological, and paediatric clinics.
1953 The first trials
  The skin of children with nappy rash is washed with acidic surfactants at the University of Bonn’s paediatric clinic.
1957 Further trials
  The first trials conducted with a view to introducing a cleansing bar, “RIE”, are carried out in cooperation with Prof. Keining, Prof. Braun-Falco, Prof. Weber, and the University Dermatological Clinic in Mainz.
1967 The first sebamed Cleansing Bar
  SEBAMAT GMBH is founded and sebamed Cleansing Bar is launched successfully. Following the wide-scale distribution of sebamed Cleansing Bar, the ban on washing for dermatological patients is lifted.
1968 - 2006 Already 70 sebamed products
  A total of 70 sebamed products are launched and exported to over 60 countries. Over 120 scientific reports published.
1983 The start of a new era
  Sebapharma GmbH & Co. KG is founded. Main shareholder and managing director.
1992 Prestigious award
  Dr. Maurer receives a Bundesverdienstkreuz - German Federal Republic Cross of Merit.
2003 Dr. Maurer's services are honoured
  Dr. Maurer is presented with the Bene Merenti Medal of the University of Regensburg.
2005 Special services honoured
  The Jubilee Medal of the Order of Malta.