Acid Mantle and sebamed brands

To justify the claim medicinal skin care, sebamed products are developed in co-operation with dermatologists and pharmacists. Excellent cosmetic characteristics like smell, color, and skin feeling are the basis to which the important additional properties relevant for supporting the skin’s own protective functions and health are added. 

Active ingredients of high quality and purity are carefully chosen for proven efficacy and safety, and are used in relevant concentrations, rather than adding gimmicks without real beneficial effects or substances at too low concentrations to affect the skin positively. 

All products have to pass dermatological and clinical safety and efficacy testing before being introduced into the market. Claimed effects on sensitive and problem skin are verified in tests on panels of affected test persons rather than only on healthy volunteers. Thus, risks for irritation or allergy are minimized and efficacy is maximized.

Please find below dermatological studies about the sebamed products, which are justified to the natural acid mantle of the skin – pH 5.5

Barrier recovery is impeded at neutral pH, independent of ionic effects: implications for extracellular lipid processing


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Skin Surface pH: A Protective Acid Mantle

PDF, 209 KB | Download

The Concept of the Acid Mantle of the Skin: Its Relevance for the Choice of Skin Cleansers

PDF, 505 KB | Download

The Effect of Detergents on SKin pH and Its Consequences

PDF, 574 KB | Download

Effects of pH changes in a specific detergent multicomponent emulsion on
the water content of stratum corneum

PDF, 410 KB | Download

Differences in the Skin Surface pH and Bacterial Microflora Due 
to the Long-term Application of Synthetic Detergent Preparations of pH 5.5 and pH 7.0

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Predictive washing test for evaluation of individual eczema risk

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Effects of Soap and Detergents on Skin Surface pH, Stratum corneum Hydration and Fat Content in Infants

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The Influence of the Regular Use of a Soap or an Acidic Syndet Bar on Pre-acne

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Syndets in the Treatment of Atopic Eczema

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