The regular application of the sebamed ANTI-POLLUTION DAY CARE effectively helps to protect the skin against harm due to detrimental environmental influences and UV related damage, and to prevent premature skin ageing.

  • SPF 20 protects the skin from the daily UV exposure and thus counteracts the main cause of premature skin ageing.
  • 2% Vitamin E neutralizes free radicals to protect from premature skin ageing.
  • Hyaluronic acid and Q10 help to replenish the moisture reservoirs of the skin sustainably and thus contribute to strengthening the skin barrier.
  • The innovative active complex with Fermented skin-strengthening Lactic Acid Bacteria and a pH value of 5.5 supports the natural skin’s protection barrier. The cream offers rich care, is rapidly absorbed and leaves a pleasantly supple skin feeling. Suitable as a base for make-up.

Package size: 40ml