We are not alone!

Our nearly 2 square metres of skin are a microcosm of millions of tiny organisms. Numerous bacteria, fungi and other microorganisms begin colonising the various habitats from head to foot immediately after birth. The latest research shows how important these co-inhabitants are for our health and we are just starting to understand the complicated ecological balance between the environment, them and us.


All of the organisms on our skin are described as the skin microbiome. The individual microorganisms affect our body just as our body affects them. There is also interaction among them. Healthy skin maintains a balance. The majority are harmless microorganisms that inhibit the spread of potentially dangerous microbes. They even help our immune system defend itself effectively against pathogens.


Skin cleansing and care affect the microbiome balance. It has been known for over 50 years now that the slightly acidic pH value of the skin's natural protective layer promotes a healthy ecological balance on the skin. This healthy balance can be supported by using skin cleansing and care products with a pH of 5.5. This is especially important when the balance is jeopardised by internal and external factors. sebamed is ideal for sensitive skin because the products support the skin's natural protective layer with a pH of 5.5. This maintains the skin's microbiome balance and protects its barrier function from drying out and harmful environmental influences.


For more than 50 years, sebamed skin research has investigated how skin cleansing and care with a pH of 5.5 affect the skin microbiome. From inhibiting acne bacteria to controlling the Staphylococcus aureus bacterium that is problematic for patients with atopic eczema, the concept of acidic skin cleansing and care has not only been scientifically proven, it has been shown many times around the world to have a practical benefit for people with sensitive and problem skin.


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