sebamed and packaging

Highest product quality, maximum safety standards and modern, aesthetic packaging are the typical requirements for cosmetic products. But the issue of sustainability is now becoming more important, as consumers prefer products with packaging that does not pollute the environment. They are also backed by legislation, which is setting new standards with its 2030 Agenda and requires us to conserve resources and protect the environment.

Avoiding packaging waste

Sustainability aspects are gaining more and more importance throughout the value chain. This challenge is nothing new to Sebapharma GmbH & Co. KG, because the company has been committed to exactly that since it was founded. When selecting packaging materials, the Boppard-based company has always ensured

  • weight and packaging materials are reduced
  • paper packaging from sustainable forestry is used
  • packaging materials are biodegradable
  • packaging components can be recycled


Furthermore, the skin specialist is constantly and consistently on the lookout for new ways to reduce waste materials and for environment-friendly packaging solutions.

Reduced packaging weight

Of course, all sebamed packaging is recyclable. Each package features a recycling code, which helps ensure that the packaging is recycled properly. What's more, Sebapharma has managed to significantly reduce the amount of plastic in its packaging in the past five years.

An annual saving of 25 tons of plastic in packaging material

Back in 2013, selected product flacons, which were made of 70 % LDPE and 30 % HDPE – a high-density polyethylene plastic – were replaced by a lighter material. This resulted in material savings with a reduction in weight of around 11.3 tons per year. This also results in an improved carbon footprint in logistics.


By further optimising crucibles and flacons, the company was able to reduce the amount of plastic in 2017 by a further 13.8 tons per year.

Use of recycled materials

Sebapharma is currently researching the use of recyclates in its packaging in the future. In this case, recyclates are packaging made of recycled waste. So it is all about reusing recycled waste materials.


This is an extremely sensitive aspect in the cosmetic industry, because the recyclates are used to package products that are going to come into direct contact with human skin, and therefore must meet specific purity standards. The safety and quality criteria for medicinal skin and body care products must be compatible with recycled materials and alternative, sustainable packaging. Because the safety of the consumer is a top priority for Sebapharma.

Sustainability in the future

The company's aim is not only to continuously seek new, optimised packaging solutions and environmentally friendly alternatives, but also to optimise all relevant and strategically necessary measures in the production process in such a way that packaging, the use of energy and resources and CO2 emissions are effectively reduced in the long term.


You can find out about the corporate philosophy behind the skin specialist's commitment to the environment in the article "Sustainability at Sebapharma GmbH & Co. KG".