Why employees are a company's most valuable asset

The success of a company is only possible if it has committed, qualified and motivated employees. Support for independent thinking and acting is the foundation for sustainable business. Since it was founded, Sebapharma GmbH has pursued a corporate strategy that is characterised by a high degree of social commitment and a strong bond with the employees as well as the people in the entire region.

sebamed as a family-friendly business

A working atmosphere has been created for the approximately 200 employees of the Boppard family business, which is characterised by respectful and trusting cooperation and a pleasant working atmosphere. Vigilance and social care are far more than just lip service - Sebapharma GmbH & Co. KG offers its employees appropriate remuneration, additional company benefits, flexible part-time models as well as individual options and facilities for combining family and career in addition to the promotion of young talent.

Esteem for the employees

Qualified and motivated employees are the most important asset of a company that is operating successfully. The esteem in which employees are held is a cornerstone of the Sebapharma corporate culture and forms the foundation of strategic personnel management:

  • Training and further education concepts
  • Promotion of competence
  • Integration of individual career and life phase planning
  • Equal rights


Because qualified and motivated employees are the most important asset of a company operating successfully.


The employee-oriented personnel concept permeates all fields of activity and areas of operation of the company. The high value placed on human resources management has also been vividly and impressively confirmed by official sources. As a result, the Boppard-based company can look back on numerous awards for its personnel concepts.