Not-for-profit projects

Regional and national support for and promotion of people

The fact that social commitment does not end at the company gates has been clearly demonstrated by Sebapharma for decades. Whether in companies, in the region or nationally – support for and promotion of not-for-profit products was a very particular concern for the company’s founder, Dr Heinz Maurer. Today's management takes this responsibility into account on a broad level as an integral part of the company's sustainability concept and supports selected regional and national measures or initiatives.

Regional projects

regioCAMP – Careers guidance in the holiday camp

Sebapharma GmbH & Co. KG is particularly active in the rural regions of Middle Rhine and Rhein-Hunsrück with numerous projects in various networks with regard to the topics “Health and Safety at Work”, “Knowledge Transfer” and “Securing Skilled Personnel”. These include activities such as the successful regioCAMP network project, a careers guidance holiday camp for pupils and students in the rural part of ​​the Koblenz-Middle Rhine regiopolis region.
Rhineland-Pfalz competition for ideas


For over ten years, the University of Koblenz has been honouring the most creative ideas for innovative products, services and processes in collaboration with founders and partners from the worlds of business and science. Sebapharma supports this project as founder, thereby underlining the goals of the initiatives:


  • Promoting entrepreneurship
  • Strengthening the start-up culture
  • Creating jobs
  • Consolidating collaboration between the economy, society and universities

“School and Industry Start-ups” – Medium-sized enterprises

Sebapharma GmbH & Co. KG was awarded 2nd place in the “School and Industry Start-ups – Medium-sized Enterprises” category for outstanding commitment in the field of careers guidance and economic education. The competition honoured the special effort made towards the economic and digital education of pupils.


Taking responsibility for the Middle Rhine region is particularly important for Sebapharma. That's why the company supports junior staff, among others, through dialogue with schools, vocational colleges and universities in the region.

“Vor-Tour der Hoffnung” – Donation for children with cancer and vulnerable children

Sebapharma has been actively supporting the “Vor-Tour der Hoffnung" [pre-tour of hope] charity cycling event for 10 years and makes a donation every year. The initiative of the not-for-profit association of the same name has been involved in helping children with cancer and vulnerable children for over two decades. Throughout this time, over three million euros have benefited children’s hospitals, parent initiatives, development associations and trusts.

National projects

sebamed – the brand for athletes

Sebapharma has been a German Tennis Association (DTB) partner since 2017. The collaboration does not only include the “Deutschland spielt Tennis!" [Germany plays tennis] association, but also equips German tennis players with sebamed products.

Sebapharma is the German Sports Aid foundation’s service partner

Sebapharma GmbH & Co. KG has been supporting the German Sports Aid Foundation since 2013. In addition to financial support, collaboration also includes equipping athletes with sebamed products. 

sebamed supports RTL donation marathon with 25,000 euros

In 2017, Sebapharma GmbH supported the “RTL Wir helfen Kindern" [RTL we help children] fundraising campaign. Comedian and RTL moderator Tom Lehel was invited to Boppard to attend the 32nd sebamed May run. He was to accept the donation of 25,000 euros after successfully taking part.


Sebapharma GmbH & Co. KG made a further donation to the moderator Wolfram Kons in the RTL TV studio. A total of 55,000 euros were donated during the sebamed anniversary year of 2017 – based on the pH value 5.5 that is important for Sebamed. Link

Sebapharma receives an award as 2017 company of the future

Sebapharma is recognised as a “Company of the Future” in 2017 by the leader of the government of the federal state of Rhineland-Pfalz, Malu Dreyer, for its social commitment. The prize is awarded by the Rheinland-Pfalz e.V. future initiative (ZIRP) every year to particularly socially sustainable companies.