It is important that you realize that this is double chemistry that you are asking your hair to withstand. The best first step is when you are having your hair dyed and bleached, that you have your hair cut done after the treatment. Then for continued treatment repair shampoo such as sebamed Repair Shampoo will help you to restore your hair’s shine and “hide” structural damage like split ends. However, the anti-spliss effect will only last until the next wash because the repair agents used are by design water-soluble. It is important not to keep adding layers of different cosmetics to your hair, as these have caused major problems with the build-up of the repair substances being used in the products in the past. Using sebamed Repair Shampoo regularly will strengthen your hair’s structure, make it glossy again, and correct the appearance of the tips. What is also very important is the shampoo’s pH value of 5.5, which will help you to restore and maintain a healthy scalp as well.

Anti-Dandruff shampoos with skin tolerant ingredients, such as sebamed Anti-Dandruff Shampoo, can be used for a longer period of time. The piroctone olamine in the shampoo doesn’t become less effective against the dandruff when it is used for a longer period of time either. Also its skin tolerance was confirmed during the clinical  test with the shampoo. The cleansing agents used in sebamed Anti-Dandruff Shampoo are extremely mild, which means  they don’t dry out or damage your hair and scalp. However, if you wash your hair on a daily basis, you should alternate between our Anti-Dandruff Shampoo and our mild Every day Shampoo.

sebamed Fresh Shower is suitable for the scalp and hair as well. Those who have long hair, however, will miss the conditioning  effect offered by ingredients found in a shampoo. sebamed Fresh Shower does not contain a conditioner which gives freshly washed hair a sheen, help it to sit well and remain in place.

UV radiation, wind, sand, salt water, frequent wetting and drying, as well as chlorinated water in swimming pools all attack the hair’s structure severely. The average shampoo tossed into the suitcase is not designed to deal with this unusual situation. As all the influences listed dry hair out, a special shampoo for dry hair is normally the best solution. If you don’t cover your head, avoid spending time in the blazing sun, especially in the middle of the day. This will benefit your skin as well of course. Any sand, suncream, salt water, or chlorinated water that gets into your hair should be washed out with clear water on the beach or at the pool and then with the dry hair shampoo in the evening before you go to bed. The water should be no hotter than lukewarm, the shampoo should be rinsed out thoroughly, and your hair should never be rubbed, but just patted dry with a towel. Refrain from using a hairdryer if possible, but if you do use one, choose a cool setting and hold it at least 30cm away from your head. Hot curling irons, electric curlers,  hairdryers etc. are an absolute tabu; also are barets, hairslides with sharp edges, rubber bands and combs with sharp teeths  when your hair is wet. After your holiday, continue to use your dry hair shampoo for at least another three or four weeks. You may find it helpful to stick with it for a bit longer. Try not to stress your hair with dyes and perms in the first weeks following your holiday. It is also best to stop using/doing these long before you go away. At the very latest, they should be avoided once you are on vacation.

Yes, you can use this product to shampoo your hair. However, if you use one of our shampoos sebamed Repair Shampoo,  Anti-Dandruff Shampoo, or sebamed Everyday Shampoo, your hair will benefit  from the specific hair  care provided by the conditioning ingredients. Our skin cleansing products do not contain conditioners, and unlike the shampoos, sebamed Liquid Face & Body Wash  is not specifically designed to alleviate hair or scalp problems.

Using a mild shampoo with a pH value of 5.5 such as sebamed Everyday Shampoo will protect your scalp and your hair’s structure. Unlike pH-neutral shampoos, our Everyday Shampoo will stop your hair from swelling and in doing so prevent it from drying out and protect it from environmental influences. You should ensure the water temperature doesn’t exceed 35°C, and if you wash your hair every day you don’t need to apply your shampoo more than once. Make sure you rinse out the hair thoroughly. Furthermore: don’t rub your hair too hard, when drying it;  avoid using combs with sharp edges/teeth and hairdryers on hot settings. Also wait until the hair is dry before brushing it. If your hair is still dull, lustreless, or “fluffy” even after following these tips, use sebamed Repair Shampoo instead of our Everyday Shampoo.

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