Go easy on washing

During a washing process the skin can dehydrate, degreased and become irritated. But with the correct method this can be avoided: water temperature should never exceed 38°C and skin cleansing products should only be used in small amounts. For example, with sebamed a large pea sized drop for face and hands is sufficient. Soap and soap free cleansing bars should not be rubbed more than 2-3 times between the hands, over a washcloth or sponge. The cleansing product should be washed off immediately after application. A longer impact time on the skin is only necessary with specific products. The cleansing product needs to be completely washed away. While washing and drying, the skin should never be rubbed rather softly dabbed.

Go easy on showering

When showering the skin is exposed to higher stress than during a washing process. Therefore, one should only shower once a day - with dry skin only every second or third day. Those who need to shower more than one time a day should altogether not spend more than 10 minutes under the shower. Ideally the water temperature should be as low as possible and certainly never exceed 38°C. Changing the temperature from warm to cold and back again, stimulates the blood circulation and can prevent skin aging. When showering, first of all the skin should be wetted. Then the water should be turned off and the cleansing product applied. 2-3 ml is sufficent for the entire body.

There is no need to let the cleansing product rest on the skin. For the rinsing, twice as much time should be spent in order to completely remove the shower product from the skin. This also applies for the shower oil. When drying never rub the skin, rather dab it.

Go easy on bathing

During a bath the skin is massively aggressed. Normal skin can only handle a maximum bath time of 20 minutes per week - dry skin even less. The water should never exceed 35°C. Bathing foam, /-salt or other supplements should only be used in small amounts. A short and cold shower at the end of a bath removes any remaining cleansing products. For drying the skin, never rub rather dab, as this is better for the skin's surface. After using bathing oil, the skin should not be dried with a towel, it should air dry. After the bathing, with or without baths supplements, the skin needs to be treated with cream from head to toe.

The right technique when applying lotion

When applying lotion or cream the skin needs to be dry. Drops of water hinder the best application of the cream and affect the skin's capacity to absorb it. Moreover, only a regular application of lotion or cream will bring long term effects.


A fingertip full of cream is dabbed on one cheek. In circular movements,  the cream is rubbed onto the face. This is done without applying any pressure on the skin! Always keep a distance of approximately 1 cm from the end of the eyelids and the eye angles. Cream can be added on both face sides at the same time. One should start with the forehead and slowly move to both sides of the face, here however less cream is used. Every time the face is treated with cream, the neck and the cleavage should also be treated.

Eye area

A small quantity of special eye cream is applied with the fingertip. In soft circular movements and without any pressure, the cream is gently applied from the eyelids, over to the side, all the way to the nose root. If the cream has already been absorbed by the skin from the finger before ending the circular movement, an additional quantity should be applied. As eye creams are usually expensive, one should never begin with a large quantity, which might not be completely required.


Place a drop of the care product onto the palm of the hand, spread it between both hands and rub it in circular movements onto the body. Begin at the lower thigh on the right hand side and work your way up, then repeat this procedure on the other leg. When the body lotion is completely absorbed, place a new drop onto the hand. In general the rule goes: the drier the skin and the more fluid the care product, the higher the absorption level of the skin. After the legs, rub lotion onto your arms, starting with the right side. After the arms, the belly is moisturized in large circle movements around the navel. Then massage the backside and the back. Finally, treat the breast, starting on your right. If a sticky film of lotion remains on the skin, the massage should be extended.


Put one small amount of cream onto the inside and one onto the outside of the hand. Using washing movements together with the other hand, the cream is spread evenly on both hands and between the fingers. This is continued until all of the cream is completely absorbed. If the skin still feels dry, the process can be repeated. If too much cream was applied, the excess cream can be distributed on the lower arms or dabbed away.